AgAuShoot: Olympian Cultural Heritage celebrated on Greek minigold coin

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AgAuShoot: Olympian Cultural Heritage celebrated on Greek minigold coin We've been fortunate to borrow a coin that I've loved the look of since first seeing it, and thanks to Minted-UK have managed to use for an AgAuShoot. There are lots of coins released that have beautiful designs, but just [...]

AGAUSHOOT: Bank of Greece debuts Democritus silver and gold proof coins

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For 2016, the Bank of Greece will be releasing just three silver coins, and three gold ones. All year. Now that isn't a huge amount of coins, especially when the low mintages are taken into account (just 2,000 for a national bank release is pretty low), so it's no surprise that new releases are quite sought [...]


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Not one of the world's most prolific releasers of precious metal commemorative coins, the Bank of Greece nevertheless has earned a reputation for producing some very sought after designs over the last few years. One of the finest series of coins they produce is centred around something that Greece has in an abundance that virtually no other country can [...]

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