May, 2019

Famous Dutch tattoo artist ‘Hanky Panky’ is celebrated on a striking new medallion

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Famous Dutch tattoo artist 'Hanky Panky' is celebrated on a striking new medallion Kurt Cobain, Robbie Williams, Adam Levine, Lady Gaga, Lemmy Kilmister, Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chili Peppers make a list of big name talent that any artist would love on their CV. Dutch tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher, affectionately known as Hanky Panky, can make that claim, having worked on all of them, along [...]

February, 2017

He said he’d be back. Terminator returns with a Genisys silver round from Stardust Silver

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He said he'd be back. Terminator returns with a Genisys silver round from Stardust Silver With a numismatic market as diverse and quick moving as the one we have today, we made the decision early on to limit our coverage to precious metal coins. In spite of that, we do occasionally cover a base-metal coin or a precious metal round if there's a good link with our core [...]

October, 2016

Czech Mint remembers dissident President Vaclav Havel with new medal set

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Czech Mint remembers dissident President Vaclav Havel with new medal set We don't generally cover medallions here, but never let it be said we ignore the unusual niche on the odd occasion. This new set of three medals, available in either gold or silver, has been struck by the Czech Mint to commemorate what would have been the 80th birthday of a giant in [...]

September, 2016

The Dutch welcome Trix the T-Rex with a glowing silver medallion

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The Dutch welcome Trix the T-Rex with a glowing silver medallion We don't normally cover medals here, there's only so much time in the world, but we do make exceptions for the odd stand-out. The Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt, based in the Netherlands, have just launched a new one struck in sterling silver and featuring the countries newest immigrant, Trix. Trix is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. [...]

August, 2016

The Terminator is back in two ounce silver version of last years hit

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I'LL BE BACK... TERMINATOR 2 (oz) VERSION OF LAST YEARS HIT ROUND DEBUTS Last year, Stardust Silver debuted their first in a five piece series of silver rounds featuring The Terminator, or as Arnie likes to say it, Tha Tuurrrmeenayta. Sci-Fi has been a big subject in numismatics for the last few years, and getting more popular with Star Trek and Star Wars experiencing [...]

February, 2016

WMF 2016: Royal Mint shows a stunning medallion with a mintage of……TWO

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Tucked away in the glass display in the Royal Mint stand at the 2016 World Money Fair in Berlin, was a medallion. So what you may say, we don't collect medals. You're probably right if my inbox is any indication. Let me be honest, unless AgAuNEWS is suddenly the in-place for Russian Oligarchs, Middle Eastern royalty and the world's most loaded to hang out (donations gratefully accepted), you won't [...]

November, 2015

The Terminator is the latest sci-fi franchise to hit silver with a new round from Stardust Silver

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With Star Wars, Star Trek, Thunderbirds and Back to the Future all hitting the coin world over the last few weeks, we decided to bend our coin-only rules a little and cover a recent release featuring another of the sci-fi worlds great icons, the Terminator. Released in 1984 and rapidly becoming one of the most revered science-fiction movies in cinema history, James Cameron's seminal masterwork The Terminator, gave the [...]

June, 2015

Benedetto Pistrucci’s magnificent Waterloo medal finally struck 200 years after the battle

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One of the many commemorations taking place this year, the Battle of Waterloo was every bit as important as the battles of the First World War a century later. The final battle that saw an end to Napoleons dreams of conquering Europe, was located in what is now Belgium, about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) south of Brussels.

March, 2015


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A sport gaining popularity around the world, cricket has almost completed its 'Superbowl' with the holding of the ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup. Held every four years in different locations, this time around it's in Australia and New Zealand. There have already been a couple of pretty cool domed coins issued in celebration of the tournament, one from the Royal Australian Mint and one from the New Zealand Post. Both posts have more information [...]

February, 2015


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After covering a bimetallic coin yesterday, we break with tradition again and cover a medallion today, or to be more precise, a set of them. The Royal Canadian Mint is offering a set of six ½oz pieces that follow traditional coin specifications and design elements common to the Chinese mints, except for a denomination. Each of the six coins depicts an absolutely quintessential view of China, especially as seen from outside of the country. If you [...]