Laos Panthera Tigris bullion coin (2021 APMEX)

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Another new limited mintage bullion coin from APMEX is now available and it's the second in the pretty Panthera Tigris series of Tiger coins issued for Laos. Debuting last year with a Tiger emerging from the undergrowth, there's a closer view of this magnificent animal for 2021. With its ears drawn back and fangs bared, this animal [...]

APMEX debuts a new limited silver bullion coin from Laos called Panthera Tigris – the Tiger

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APMEX debuts a new limited silver bullion coin from Laos called Panthera Tigris - the Tiger A quick look at a new bullion coin from Laos. It isn't often we see coins from the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia - just the Jade Lunars from MDM spring to mind - but US mega-dealer APMEX [...]

Lunar Monkey week: Burmese jade adorns a new silver coin for Laos from German producer MDM

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A premium lunar series in production since the 2011 Year of the Rabbit, the Jade series of 2-oz silver coins is one of the most well-liked of all the annual lunar releases.  Issued for the South-east Asian country Laos, a small landlocked country bordered by five far larger neighbours, each coin has for a signature feature a ring of [...]


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It's time for a new coin celebrating relationships between two countries and the latest commemoration is for 60 years of diplomatic ones between South-East Asian countries, Laos and Japan. Back in 2010 the two states signed up to a 'comprehensive partnership'. Just a couple of weeks ago, that was upgraded to a 'strategic partnership' signalling Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe's [...]

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