EXPO 2025 Osaka Japan 1 oz silver coin (2023 Japan Mint)

By |2023-05-17T15:59:00+01:00May 17th, 2023|Categories: Quicklooks, Event, Coloured, Silver, Japan Mint, Japan|

Due to take place in Osaka, Japan over 184 days from April 13th 2025, EXPO 2025 will showcase technologies from around the world meant for the betterment of mankind, and a more harmonious balance between us, and nature. As cynics, we think it'll be more of a token showing by the world's biggest corporations, designed to placate opinion, while [...]

The Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction project coin series wraps up

By |2016-11-05T06:30:56+00:00June 4th, 2016|Categories: Event, Coloured, Gold, Silver, Japan Mint, Japan|

A  four-coin series that debuted last August and finished this April, we're rectifying our lack of coverage to date with some details of the whole of this unusual and interesting set of coins. Entitled the "Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Project", the Japan Mint has done a fine job with these. They were launched in four [...]

Accessory Look: Japan 7 Prefectures collectors box

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One of the first series of coins we did one of our exhaustive Coin Series Profiles on, the Japan Mints excellent 47 Prefectures coins have always offered an intriguing look at a country many in the West know comparitively little of. As the name suggest, this is a series of 47 coloured silver coins, each depicting one of the [...]

The Japan Mint announces Nagasaki, the 44th in its 47 Prefectures coin series

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Nagasaki is the latest coin in the Japan Mints epic 47 Prefectures series. Each coin celebrates one of the 47 regions of Japan with imagery that is most associated with it. Available in a single coin set or as a deluxe set with five stamps, just 10% of the admittedly quite hefty 100,000 mintage is available outside of Japan. [...]


By |2016-11-05T06:32:17+00:00April 6th, 2015|Categories: Culture, Coloured, Silver, Japan Mint, Japan|

The flagship series of the Japan Mint, '47 Prefectures' is a range of forty seven coloured silver coins, each of which showcases a specific district in the country. Each coin depicts iconic characteristics of the prefecture in question, usually flora, fauna, a historical event or a natural landmark. With 38 coins having been released to date, we're a long [...]

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