January, 2017

The new larger than life US President appears on his first legal tender coins and they’re imported…

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The new larger than life US President appears on his first legal tender coins and they're imported... After what has been one of the bitterest and most unusual Presidential campaigns in history, the United States of America now has one of the most unusual Presidents to show for it. Donald J. Trump has become the 45th President and seems to have rewritten the playbook on just what the [...]

August, 2016

Huge medieval megabook, the Codex Gigas is the first Dark Side coin

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Like Coin Invest Trust, Dutch coin producer Numiscollect have an impressively broad range of innovative and high quality coins in their library. Also like CIT, they have a good range of new items out for the period around the ANA show in Anaheim, California. The first coin we'll look at is an unusual one celebrating a quite extraordinary medieval tome written in the twelfth century by a Bohemian monk called Herman [...]

November, 2014


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From their debut back in 2011, Coin-Invest Trust's range of 'Butterflies in 3D' coins has been an annual favourite in the coin calendar. A single 25g sterling silver coin is released each year following the same format, a struck and coloured flower upon which sits a coloured non-metallic butterfly. Surprisingly effective, if a little too 'add-on' rather than 'insert', they sell out every year, and we don't expect that to be any different [...]

September, 2014


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Most well-known for the Mongolian Endangered Species nature coins and the Tiffany art-architectural series, Coin-Invest Trust also release some odd and unusual lower-profile coins. They're one of the few that have actively embraced the gold half-gram size, designing coins specifically for the format, and also releasing themed series containing dozens of releases. They're not afraid to try something new, and while they sometimes fall flat, the hits when they come, are significant. There's [...]