With domed coins being one of the huge success stories of the last couple of years, and with the skillset required to strike them well working its way around the industry, it’s obvious that many of the big players that have yet to join the party will do so. The biggest mint to jump on board the bandwagon is now that behemoth of the commemorative coin world, the Royal Canadian Mint. With the majority of domed coins themed around astronomy, meteorites & volcanoes, and sport, it’s good to see something more unusual, even if like the majority of this mints ouput, it has a very Canadian focus.

The RCM’s first domed coin celebrates the 140th anniversary of one of Canadas most iconic buildings, the traditionally stylish Library of Parliament of which there’s much more information about further down. What is clear is that a quick look inside the actual building reveals it’s quite an inspired choice for a domed strike. With its ornately designed, domed ceiling, all held up by a ring of 16 flying buttresses, it’s actually a nice fit for this type of coin. It helps that the coin is a very fine design. The high relief is truly that, the side view image below revealing some quite three-dimensional detailing, especially the figure. Whatever your feelings about the subject matter being so specific, there’s no question that this would be a beautiful addition to a domed coin collection, standing out from most of the others.

The coin is fractionally under a troy ounce in weight and struck in four-nines silver (99.99% pure). Available to purchase now for $159.95 CAD, the coin will start to ship early next week. A little pricey perhaps, but a fine release for the RCM in our view, and not a maple leaf in sight!


The Library of Parliament is one of Canada’s greatest architectural treasures. It’s the only remaining section of the original Centre Block that was destroyed by fire in 1916, and continues to hold visitors spellbound as they gaze up at its massive domed ceiling and elaborate woodwork. Now, this gem can be enjoyed simply by taking in the stunning 360° view served up by this unique concave shaped coin. It creates an astonishing sense of depth and dimension that is further enhanced by ultra high relief and an antique finish that gives each coin a one-of-a-kind historic appeal.

The reverse boasts an astonishing level of dimension and depth through the use of the coin’s concave shape, which lends itself beautifully to recreating the Library of Parliament’s lavish interior and domed ceiling. A unique viewing perspective from the base of the marble statue of Queen Victoria immerses the viewer in the artwork, conveying the reading room’s soaring height and spaciousness while creating the impression that they are on-site, looking upward at the ceiling. The intricately carved pine bookshelves that encircle the reading room are replicated on the reverse along the rim, further contributing to the 360-degree viewing experience. Finally, the application of a timeless antique finish to the ultra high relief engraving showcases the meticulous precision and masterful artistry that makes this coin a numismatic masterpiece. Beneath the statue, a banner features the engraved commemorative dates “1876-2016”.

Painstakingly struck with a greater curvature than any other concave coin, your coin’s distinctive shape mimics that of the Library’s famous cupola and allows for a unique dimensional feel to this engraved rendition. By presenting an upward view from the base of the marble statue of Queen Victoria, the design alters our spatial perception in a way that conveys the grandeur, beauty and spaciousness of the library’s interior.

The extraordinary dome depicted on this coin earned the Library the distinction of being the first building in North America to feature an iron structure for this design element. Windows allow light to spill in and illuminate the intricate wooden floor below. Here, the ultra high relief engraving recreates the astonishing artistry of the architectural detailing, particularly the ornately carved wooden bookshelves that line the perimeter of the room, as depicted along the coin’s rim.




$25 CANADIAN 0.9999 SILVER 30.75 g 36.07 mm PROOF 6,000 YES / YES