Canada adds incuse strike Maple Leaf bullion variants and a new gold Call of the Wild coin

One of the very biggest of the world’s bullion coins, the Royal Canadian Mint’s Maple Leaf continues to sell in huge numbers, but has very limited appeal to those more interested in the current trend towards limited mintage designs. That’s only to be expected when anything becomes so ubiquitous, so the RCM has, over the last few years, stepped up its selection of bullion coins with several ranges in gold and silver to broaden appeal. Many themes series featuring birds and other wildlife have proven popular, but even the Canadian Maple Leaf  (CML) itself has recieved attention.

The mint has often issued privy mark versions of the basc CML, but they’ve also embraced various altered designs, or different types of strike. It is to the latter group that this latest release belongs. Like most bullion coins, the main design is struck in relief, that is, proud of the background field. When a design is struck INTO a coin, it’s called incuse. It seems a simple change, but it’s actually quite effective visually, and for the first time, the RCM has struck gold and silver CML’s incuse-style on both the reverse and the obverse faces.

Outside of that, it’s pretty much business as usual, with no substantive changes to the Walter Ott original art, or the Susanna Blunt effigy of Liz². The CML used to be an easy coin to counterfeit, but those days are in the past with multiple security features designed to make that difficult, such as the micro-engraved leaf-privy and the Bullion DNA tech. The silver coin also benefits from Mintshield, a process applied to prevent tarnishing and milk-spotting – something the SML was renowned for in the past. These are available now and are a neat change from the dull original.

Also out is the sixth in the gold Call of the Wild series. Depicting an attractive image of a Moose by RCM regular Pierre Leduc, this follows a series of issues featuring animals calling out in profile. A great idea for a series and one that has been well realised. Only available in 1oz 0.99999 gold form, and presented in an assay card, it also carries the micro-engraved maple leaf for security. At $200, this carries the largest issue price of its type in Canada. Like the incuse CML’s, this is available to pre-order now and sponsors like Bold Precious Metals and LPM will have them.



To mark the 40th anniversary of one of the world’s favourite gold bullion coins, the Mint has crafted its first ever double-incuse version of its iconic Gold Maple Leaf (GML). This means that the signature sugar maple leaf reverse design and the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II appearing on the obverse are struck in a concave relief. This fascinating perspective is also found on a 2019-dated Silver Maple Leaf (SML) bullion coin.

Both the GML and SML have a finish consisting of an array of precisely machined radial lines and their reverses feature a micro-engraved security mark in the shape of a maple leaf containing the number “19”, to denote their year of issue. They also feature the Mint’s unique Bullion DNA anti-counterfeit technology, while the SML benefits from MINTSHIELD™ surface protection, specifically created for silver coins.

The 2019-dated, “Moose” is the newest coin in the Mint’s 99.999% pure gold bullion “Call of the Wild” series. Its $200 denomination represents the highest value legal tender among the world’s 1 oz. gold bullion coins. The coin’s reverse is designed by Canadian artist Pierre Leduc, who has boldly illustrated an imposing bull moose, behind which curved lines symbolize the sound of his unmistakable call. This gold bullion coin is presented in richly designed credit card-style packaging, which includes a certificate of purity signed by the Mint’s Chief Assayer.

COIN Silver Maple Leaf Gold Maple Leaf Call of the Wild
DENOMINATION $5 CAD (Canada) $50 CAD (Canada) $200 CAD (Canada)
COMPOSITION 0.9999 silver 0.9999 gold 0.99999 gold
WEIGHT 31.1 grams 31.1 grams 31.1 grams
DIMENSIONS 38.0 mm 30.0 mm 30.0 mm
FINISH Bullion Bullion Bullion
BOX / COA No / No No / No Card / Yes