Exclusive first peek at a new Zeus silver bullion coin showing huge promise


A new debut in the low mintage silver bullion coin is this first issue in a new Gods of Olympus bullion series. Taking design elements and minting techniques from the higher end commemorative market, this new Zeus coin is nevertheless a true bullion coin and will thus be much more affordable.

The design is one of the best we’ve seen and exceeds many of the commemorative issues in a genre that already has one of the highest standards in the modern coin market. The image of Zeus towering over Earth with his trademark bolts of lightning in hand would look great as a standard strike, but enhanced with some high-relief, it looks even more impressive. Moving away from the ubiquitous effigy of QEII, this joins the growing ranks of coin producers issuing for African states and that allows considerably more flexibility on the obverse. They’ve taken full advantage of that with a fine view of how many imagine Olympus to look – a mass of towering temples.

The coin will be available shortly and we’ll take a better look when full images are available, but we thought you’d appreciate an early peek at what could be one of the best bullion coins of 2018 and the start of an impressive new series. More soon.

REVERSE: Depicts Zeus in front of a temple with lightning bolts in hand as he looks down on Earth. The title ‘ZEUS’ is inscribed at the bottom.

OBVERSE: Depicts Olympus as a layered mass of Greek temples and statues. The emblem of the Republic of Chad is placed to the right with the denomination above and the issue date below. The issuer and composition are inscribed next to the rim.

DENOMINATION 1,000 Francs CFA (Republic of Chad)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver,  31.1 grams
FINISH Bullion with high-relief
MINTAGE 25,000