The best Star Wars movie gets a premium foil silver poster release

We’ve already seen The Empire Strikes Back movie poster in coin form and it was hugely popular as you would expect. Widely considered the best of the franchise, the Empire Strikes Back also has a great looking poster that has become quite iconic in its own right. Now the fans can get a silver version that has a surface area some 24 times as big with just a minimal rise in weight with the latest of the New Zealand Mint’s premium foil range.

The first movie in the franchise, Star Wars: A New Hope, was released in super-sized premium foil format back in March and it should come as no surprise that it was successful enough to see the rest of the trilogy released in the same way ( Return of the Jedi should launch later this year). Whether that will lead to the less well regarded prequel trilogy getting the same treatment next year, it’s being released in a more traditional coin format this year, is open to question and will depend on how well these are recieved in the wider memorabilia market.

For those new to the format, these are wafer-thin pure-silver foils of an expansive 262 x 175 mm in size. They weigh just over a troy ounce at 35 grams, so while more expensive than a traditional coin, they remain relatively affordable. Because of the lack of strength imparted by being just a fraction of a millimetre in thickness, they are placed in a acrylic frame that allows for easy display. One of these would look great placed in a cabinet with memorabilia, for example.

Not all of these premium foils carry a legal tender denomination, but these Star Wars ones do, so thus qualify as true coins, although good luck getting a handful of these in your pocket. Mintage is limited to 10,000 pieces and they sell for £130.00 USD each. They should be available to pre order later today and plenty of our sponsors sell them. Shipping will commence later this month.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 35.0 grams
DIAMETER 262 x 175 mm
FINISH Brilliant uncirculated
MINTAGE 10,000
BOX / COA Yes / Yes