It just had to happen. Boaty McBoatface gets a Coiny McCoinface!!


In what turned out to be a hilarious turn of events, the UK’s new polar research ship needed a new name, so the powers that be decided asking the British public to vote on one was a good idea. The nation that gave the world everything from Monty Python to Father Ted was never going to let the opportunity slide and thus by a landslide, Boaty McBoatface was chosen. Quickly downgraded from ‘choice’ to ‘suggestion’, the nations vote was ignored. While the vessel was given the cool name RRS David Attenborough, the people had been heard, and so the ships Autonomous Undersea Vehicle was given the name Boaty McBoatface instead.

A simple coloured, base metal 50p coin, Pobjoy’s latest is appropriately issued for British Antarctic Territory and comes presented in a brightly themed pack. Selling for just shy of £20 including vat, it’s available to order now and will start to ship later this month. Not a type of coin we usually cover here, we thought the legend of Boaty McBoatface deserved to be marked as the moment the establishment realised asking the world’s most sarcastic and comically warped people to name something was a bad idea…

REVERSE:shows Boaty McBoatface submerged in the Antarctic Ocean with the research ship RRS James Clark Ross shown above sitting among the icebergs which make up the landscape of the Antarctic. Penguins can be seen swimming around Boaty McBoatface and also on the icebergs above.

OBVERSE: The Pobjoy Mint Effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is shown on the obverse of the coin.

DENOMINATION £0.50 British Antarctic Territory
COMPOSITION Copper-nickel  8.0 grams
FINISH Uncirculated, colou
BOX / COA No / No