Evil can hide behind beauty, is the lesson imparted by T&S Coin’s stunning new ‘Behind the Mask’ silver coin

Formed earlier this year when Ukrainian coin designer Yuri Tikhonovsky, admired here for his outstanding portfolio, and Evaldas Stralkus, a former director at the Lithuanian Mint, joined forces, T & S Coin have hit the ground running with their first tranche of new collectible coin issues. The one we’re looking at here, called ‘Behind the Mask’ utilises a classic modern coin format.

Two ounces of silver, rimless, high-relief, and with an antique finish, has proven to be phenomenally popular, and the ideal compromise between allowing the designer to employ the modern tools in the minting toy box, and keeping the price of the finished article down to a sensible, affordable level. Bigger sizes definitely start to hit the law of diminishing returns until you hit the kilo mark, and by then the cost is exorbitant. All things considered, it’s a popular format for a reason.

The coin looks at the duality of man, and how a bright and attractive visage can often hide a darker nature. The depiction isn’t subtle, but it is very effective, and replete with nice touches. The beautiful face, a mask, highlighted in fine gilding, is the picture of innocence. The almost witch-like face behind, a classic portrayal of evil in its purest form. Below that latter face is a pile of human skulls, the inference clear, but the space to the left of the gilded mask is populated with a prettier image, full of natural beauty. The bird, a corvid perhaps, is superb, and the whole thing is finished off with a flourish of gilded ribbons. It’s all quite poignant, especially from a Ukrainian struggling to comprehend how his country can be where it is now in 21st century Europe.

The obverse face has the Public Seal of Niue at its centre, surrounded by a pretty design reminiscent of the coving that occupies many grand palaces throughout Europe. Even the way the border and fonts have been designed is quite sublime. A first class effort, in our view. The coin will have a mintage capped at 500 pieces, quite typical these days, and come boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity. A terrific coin, and one that brings hope that T & S Coin will be a producer whose issues are eagerly anticipated in the future. Available to order now.

COMPOSITION 62.2 g of 0.999 silver
FINISH Antique
MODIFICATIONS High-relief, selective gilding