Beauty and the Beast, that classic tale of deep love over superficiality, is brought to life on T&S Coin’s latest silver coin

Last year, T&S Coin debuted a beautifully designed ‘Behind the Mask’ coin, built around the idea that evil may hide in plain sight behind a beautiful facade. Their latest coin flips that on its head, making the point that ugliness can just be skin-deep, and good can blossom from it when you give it a chance. The way they’ve done it is very clever, using the old tale of Beauty and the Beast.

First published in 1740, and written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Bardot de Villeneuve, a French author, it was influenced by the life of 16th century hypertrichosis sufferer (abnormal hair growth), Petrus Gonsalvus, and by ancient stories like the Greek ‘Cupid and Psyche’. Most will know the story from the Disney film of the same name, although in truth, there’ve been many retellings in modern media, theatre, and literature, and from all around the globe.

The reverse, with its ingenious use of gilding, depicts the Beast gently holding the Beauty from the story. There’s a tenderness to it, and she feels no fear or disgust at his touch. The ungilded part of the coin represents a mirror, in which she can see what she believes lives underneath his appearance, rather than the physical reality of it. Beautifully done, enhanced not only by the gilding, but by the use of layered high-relief, it successfully summarises the heart of the story in a single image.

This producer’s terrific common obverse returns, with just the title inscription at the top, custom to this issue. The coin has a mintage of 500 pieces, and will come boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity, It’s available to order now, with shipping to commence at the beginning of June.


2,000 Francs CFA (Cameroon) 62.2 g of 0.999 silver 45.0 mm Antique 500