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July, 2020

Germania Mint adds Germania Beasts to it’s range and kicks off with the treasure hoarding dragon, Fafnir (UPDATED)

By |2020-07-11T08:24:57+01:00July 3rd, 2020|Categories: Culture, Bullion Round, Coloured, Gilded, Silver, Germania Mint|

It was less than two years ago that the fledgling Germania Mint burst onto the scene with its pretty Germania bullion round, and it wasn't long after they moved into the numismatic realm with some fine proof and plated coins. Part of the Kurowski Group, they've developed an impressive talent for high quality gilding, colour and plating with various metals. Much of that expertise is on show with the Germania range. The latest addition is [...]

Congo adds a cool new silver bullion coin series to its repertoire – Prehistoric Life – and T-Rex kicks it off

By |2020-07-09T17:56:13+01:00July 9th, 2020|Categories: Bullion, Nature, Silver, BH Mayer, Congo|

Continuing our catching up on new releases in the bullion world is a new one from the Democratic Republic of Congo with a subject that will always get my attention - DINOSAURS! There have been some fine prehistoric themed coins over the last few years, demonstrating a noticeable jump from back in 2013/14 when the few designs we saw were often quite terrible. Now, even the bullion coins, like the superb series from the South [...]


By |2020-07-08T15:56:29+01:00July 8th, 2020|Categories: QLM, Bullion, Nature, Silver, Tokelau|

After a shaky start with some quality issues way back in 2014, quickly sorted, the Tokelau Sealife series has powered on to its seventh release in fine style. Last year saw the Loggerhead Turtle the subject of choice, but this time sees us back with the fish. The Flying Fish is one of those anomalous creatures that shouldn't seem to exist, but does. A striking animal, it makes a cool addition to [...]


By |2020-07-08T15:00:36+01:00July 8th, 2020|Categories: Allcollect, QLM, Bullion, Nature, Silver, Congo|

Allcollect's Predators bullion coin series continues apace with the fourth issue, Panthera Tigris, or Tiger. An unusual series because it employs a range of finishing touches that are rarely seen in the predominately brilliant uncirculated finish competitors. Each issue has an incused footprint that is partly reverse-proof finished, the foreground of the main coin has a matte finish, with the background field mirror proof style. The result is an interesting mix in [...]


By |2020-07-08T13:40:07+01:00July 8th, 2020|Categories: QLM, Bullion, Movies & TV, Silver, Niue Island|

As well as the Back to the Future coin we just looked at, monster hit Jurassic Park also has a 1oz silver (0.999) bullion coin available to order now. Also issued for Niue, thus carrying the same QEII effigy on its obverse, it depicts the now super famous logo of the fictional theme park. The silhouette of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull has become synonymous with the movies, although we're left in little [...]


By |2020-07-08T12:45:06+01:00July 8th, 2020|Categories: QLM, Bullion, Silver, Niue Island|

The limited run bullion coin market continues to diversify with the launch of a couple of new media franchise coins. The first one we're looking at is a 10,000 mintage 1oz silver (0.999) coin themed around the popular Back to the Future movies. We've covered a few new issues in the higher-end commemorative market of late, but this is the first bullion coin we've seen. Issued for Niue, it features the iconic [...]

Korean Tiger bullion series returns with a third silver annual design and a new theme

By |2020-07-07T21:27:30+01:00July 7th, 2020|Categories: Bullion Round, Nature, Silver, KOMSCO, South Korea|

Along with Chiwoo Cheonwang, Taekwondo and Zi:Sin, KOMSCO's Korean Tiger bullion round mark an interesting peek into this Asian economic powerhouse, one that has only recently garnered increased interest in the numismatic world. The Tiger series has been the least Korea-focused of the selection, but from this year, that changes. The 2020 Korean Tiger round moves away from giving the spotlight to the animal, and incorporates it into a more specifically nationalistic theme. Each [...]

AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIC TEAM (2020, Royal Australian Mint)

By |2020-07-07T15:40:16+01:00July 7th, 2020|Categories: QLM, Australia, Sport, Silver, Royal Australian Mint|

Usually reserved for one of their astronomical coins, the domed silver coin format, popularised by the Royal Australian Mint, is now being used for a broader range of subjects. The latest is this pretty issue celebrating the Australian Olympic squad. A clever little detour from the Olympics themselves, due to be held in Japan, but now postponed for the obvious reasons. Easily one of the best Olympic designs we've seen on a coin, [...]

Bart joins the Perth Mints “The Simpsons” bullion coin range with a limited card-mounted version

By |2020-07-07T15:21:02+01:00July 7th, 2020|Categories: Bullion, Movies & TV, Silver, Perth Mint, Tuvalu|

We've been pleasantly surprised by the Perth Mint's 'The Simpsons' bullion coin range. We've found the proof range to be relatively unadventurous, so the arrival of a great looking Homer Simpson coin in early 2019 was a nice boost for the beloved animated series in the coin world. This was followed early this year with one of our favourite bullion designs of 2020 to date, Krusty the Clown. The latest to join the range [...]


By |2020-07-07T01:46:19+01:00July 7th, 2020|Categories: QLM, Bullion, Lunar Calendar, Australia, Silver, Perth Mint|

I think everyone of our readers is aware enough of the Perth Mint's debut Lunar Series III design that launched last September, but we're finally seeing the release of the thicc boi - the mighty 10kg silver. Now this is a huge beast, with a diameter of 221 mm. We're talking over 320 troy ounces of the good stuff (0.9999). A maximum of 100 pieces of this will be struck, which comically, [...]

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