As it approaches its 80th issue, the NZ Mint’s Chibi gets a special edition and it’s for Star Wars May 4th Be With You Day

After almost 80 issues, it’s become increasingly difficult to spice up a Chibi coin article for something new, so they’ve joined our Quicklooks and Film Round-up articles for coverage, but the arrival of a first special edition after so much activity is worth the expending of a bit more effort. If you want more backstory on the whole Chibi coin phenomenon, then feel free to check out our very comprehensive guide to the series for it.

This first special edition is to become an annual affair apparently, and is released on a day that Star Wars fandom has claimed for its own, May 4th. Why? Simple. May the 4th be with you… The coin kicking off the specials is a real fan favourite, C-3PO, and true to form, it’s been gilded to match the original character, the first time gilding has been used on a Chibi coin. To be honest, it looks pretty good, and will likely have huge appeal to the fandom.

The coin should be available to purchase right as this article goes live, and with Star Wars seemingly the most popular subset of the Chibi series, and the mintage of the coin staying at just 2,000 pieces, we’d expect it to go fast. It also seems like shipping restrictions have now been lifted on Star Wars coins from the mint, with only the United Arab Emirates now off-limits because of licencing restrictions, so those in places like the UK can now buy it direct. It sells for $119.00 USD, which is $20 more than the usual Chibi, but it is gilded, and comes in enhanced packaging, so fair enough.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
DIMENSIONS 36.0 x 23.24 mm
MODIFICATIONS Shaped, gilded
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes