Ariowit, Ancient Germanic leader, features on the second of Germania Mint and Numiartis issued coin series

Joining their superb bullion coin range last year was the Germania Mints first issue in its ‘The Warriors’ series. Still part of the mints overall theme under which all their coins sit – Ancient Germania – this one competes head on with the Mint of Polands expansive range of mythological coins. The first coin was called ‘Berserk’, and depicted a face on Germanic warrior of the Roman period, holding a gilded axe.

This second coin, issued in conjunction with Numiartis, continues with the format (2oz, silver, high-relief, rimless) and the style (antiqued, part-gilded), and depicts an warrior called Ariowit. A quick look at the images would certainly indicate this one is a step up from the debut issue in terms of the design (the face in particular, is quite exceptional), but there are clear nods to the first coin, like the background village.

The attractive obverse of Berserk is back in a modified form, with the part-gilded axe giving way to a sword, but the very cool looking bicephalous eagle returns. The mintage of this coin remains the same as the first at 499 pieces, and it comes packaged in the same style of wooden box, including a Certificate of Authenticity. Available to order now, this is a nice addition to the series.


We are pleased to present to you the second coin from “The Warriors” series: Ariowit – the legendary Germanian warrior and leader. He came from a brave tribe whose conquests stretched from the former Gaul to the far reaches of the Indian Peninsula. With unprecedented bravery and determination, he forced Julius Caesar to make peace and give away his sister.

With Ariowit’s strength and powerfully built body, he aroused fear long before the battle began. During the clashes, he gave vent to his innate wild nature, but also to an incredible intelligence. Attacking under cover of night, with his black painted equipment and body, together with his companions he spread terror among enemies through strength, combat skills and a truly hellish appearance.

Curiosities about the coin:

In the coin design, the village behind Ariowit refers to the background from Berserk – the first “Warrior” coin, shown from a different perspective and creating a coherent whole for the series.

As with Berserk, elements related to the main warrior were hidden on the coin. In Ariowit’s case, the skilled eye of the collector will notice Celtic drawings of wolves hidden on the handles of the sword.

Striving for perfection on the second coin from the series, we managed to achieve an even higher relief, while maintaining the unusual precision and detail of the design.

DENOMINATION 10 Marks (Round)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 62.2grams
FINISH Antiqued
MODIFICATIONS High-relief, gilding
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes