With the huge success of the Perth Mint’s ‘Gods of Olympus’ three-coin series released throughput 2014, it was only a matter of time before that beautiful antique-finish, high-relief, rimless style was used again. Kicking off with Zeus, followed on by Poseidon, and finishing with the recent Hades, that series went on to become one of the fastest appreciating numismatics of the year. It’s fallen to another mint to continue the concept, although we have no doubt Perth will want to revisit the concept for 2015, and that mint is Scottsdale.

Sold exclusively through American mega-dealer, APMEX, this new coin represents the debut of a whole new run of biblical themed coins, and whatever you’re views on the bible, it’s certainly a rich source of vivdly dynamic stories. First to launch is a coin based on the story of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, taken from the second book of the Hebrew Bible. In the story, Moses leads the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and journey’s with them through the wilderness of Mount Sinai, to the promised land of Canaan, the most famous episode of which is the parting of the Red Sea.

While not linked to the new Ridley Scott movie in any way, the choice of the Exodus is certainly inspired timing, and likely the coin will do well from any exposure. The design is inspired by a work by Paul Gustave Louis Christophe Doré, a French artist, illustrator, printmaker and sculptor who worked primarily with wood engraving.

All the new images are now up and it does indeed look a fine strike. The Ralph Maklouf portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is a nice change from th elater Ian Rank Broadley one, and the packaging looks pretty good.

Available now priced at $179.99 and we’ve updated the blue button link to go straight to the APMEX page.


APMEX launches Exodus – Crossing the Red Sea, a 2 oz Silver coin, the first in a new Biblical Series.

Many know the stories from the book of Exodus in the Bible. The most well-known, Moses parting the Red Sea and leading the people of Israel out of Egypt to the Promised Land, is recognized by many as one of the most iconic stories from the Bible. Now this epic event is depicted on a 2 troy ounce Silver legal tender coin from the Scottsdale Mint.

With its rimless high-relief design and antique finish, this Silver coin brought to you by APMEX is truly one of a kind. Inspired by an illustration by master French craftsman Gustave Doré, the creative team at the U.S. based Scottsdale Mint designed this .999 fine Silver piece to be a true testament to the gravity of events depicted in the story. Each coin in this limited mintage is antiqued brushed and hand distressed by a team of specialized artisans. The final result is a unique work of art honoring the timeless story.

“APMEX is proud to be the exclusive dealer of this inspiring and one of a kind series,” APMEX Vice President of Merchandising Andrew Martineau said. “We’re committed to giving our customers variety and options they can’t get anywhere else and this coin and series is just another example.”

The Silver Exodus coin has a limited mintage of 1,499 coins, a unique 2 oz size, and rimless high-relief artwork, guaranteeing its place as a collector’s item that stands the test of time. Each coin comes with a certificate of authenticity telling the story of the coin and minting specifications, along with a unique serial number that matches the laser- etched number on each coin.

WEIGHT 62.2 g
SIZE 00.0 mm