Another of those unusual weight silver bullion coins has launched and it's the second in the Royal Canadian Mint's Howling Wolf series of ¾oz coins. Like the first coin released in 2015, this one is exclusive to APMEX, a huge US-based coin/bullion dealer. Continuing on with a design that's a mix between the radial line security features of the latest Silver Maple Leaf bullion coin, and one of the mints Wildlife bullion coins.

This $2 denomination Canadian coin is available in Monster Boxes of 600 units (450-oz) or mint-tubes of 30 units (22.5-oz), along with single units if you want one for a collection, this time also in a MintDirect capsule like an NGC coin slab. The coins sold in this way are not graded, however.

As before there'll no doubt be a limited run proof version of the coin for numismatists to grab hold of, last years had a mintage of 7,500,but the decently low premium over the spot price will ensure that sales of this one will be fairly brisk, especially as the market is increasingly favouring silver bullion coins where effort has been put into the design, and those with restricted mintages. The design here is pretty good, although we don't think it's as nice a last years, and the coin is available to buy direct from APMEX right now.


About 30% of the world's population of Grey Wolves is currently found in Canada, though the population extends into the United States. Join the pack and add this 2016 3/4 oz Silver Howling Wolves to your collection today!

The reverse design by Canadian artist Maurade Baynton features a winter scene set in one of Canada’s remote forests. There is a chilling quality to the engraved depiction of the full moon as it illuminates the starry night sky, which is kept cloudless by winter temperatures that are well below freezing. All seems still in a landscape slumbering under a thick blanket of snow.

Suddenly, a lament echoes from a distance and fills the air. A clearing on a hillside soon reveals the source. Two wolves are resting after a good day’s hunt. The moon seems to spotlight the wolves’ engraved features and their thick coats, while handing in the frigid air offer visual evidence of their haunting refrain. Whether there is a warning to rival packs or a call to other pack members, the wolves’ howl seems magnified against the silence of their surroundings.

Obverse: Susanna Blunt’s design of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, along with the $2 face value.

Reverse: Features two wolves with their heads lifted as they howl at the full moon. Includes the weight and purity listed below the wolves.

Security enhancements include radial lines on both the obverse and reverse, a micro-engraved maple leaf with the numeral “16” in the middle and a reeded edge.




$2 CANADIAN 0.999 SILVER 23.325 g 38.10 mm B/UNC TBC NO / NO