New bullion coin profile, updated coin series profiles and a revised bullion sales tracking page

Just a quick round-up of our latest updates. Just going live is a Bullion Coin Profile to one of our favourite ranges of all time – Scottsdale Mint’s brilliant Egyptian Relics chiselled-edge coins. We’ve rounded up all the images and every release in this and the accompanying Terracotta Army issues.. We’ll keep this up to date with new coins as they’re issued.

Also updated are the Foil Series Profiles to a couple of the New Zealand Mints ranges, the DC Classic Comic Covers, and the Star Wars Movie Posters, iwth the first appearance of Green Lantern in the former, and The Last Jedi in the latter. Also revised is the overall Thematic Guide to the mints whole Star Wars range, with both this Last Jedi foil, and the poster coin for the last movise, The Rise of Skywalker.

Our Bullion Sales page which charts the US Mint’s Eagle coins and the Perth Mints bullion output has also seen an overhaul. The format used for the graphs has been changed to something much more suited to showing the now eight years of data we use as the previous ones were becoming increasingly hard to decipher. The Royal Canadian Mint numbers have been removed for now, as we try to decipher the change in reporting they made a while back.

As always, feel free to leave comments or suggestions, but I’m off to relax for my birthday. It seems ironic that 55 years after being released from nine months of confinement in an enclosed space, I find myself confined in an enclosed space for a long time… 😉  Still, at least What we do in the Shadows is back.