Angry Birds, a heatwave and a few days off

Just to let you know, we’re taking a few days off. With the heat here reaching record highs and not having had a break for what seems like an epoch, we’re going to have a recharge. We should be back early next week. There may be an article or two in the meantime, but no promises. Don’t forget, we published our roundup of all the Moon landing anniversary coins a few days ago, so don’t forget to check that out.

On our way out and with the holidays coming up for those in the Northern hemisphere at least, we’re having a quick look at Pobjoy Mint’s new Angry Birds coins. They’re base metal, so not our usual subject, but it’s important to remember that coins like these are what can bring new collectors into the hobby, so these coins could make a great gift for the kids without incurring too much cost.

There’s a new Angry Birds movie out as well, and the coins come with a linked AR app the kids can play with on their phones. They can hunt for special codes in the real world which activates new content in the app. There’s a choice of three coins, although you can buy all three at a discount if you so wish. A neat release, and one collectors might consider a gift for the young collector in waiting.

Right, have a good few days and try to enjoy what you can of the heat without getting roasted. My Mrs is driving 75 miles back home in a car which had its air conditioning break down this morning, so I’ll soon have to deal with an angry bird of my own…  All the best, Mik