ANA 2019: Numiscollect launches another imaginative mix of superb silver coins

Up there with the best of the world;s coin producers, Dutch company Numiscollect have tapped into the CIT/BH Mayer pairing, thus leveraging the expertise on offer to bring to reality some of the best coins released today. Numiscollect have a great reputation for inventive designs and a wide choice of themes and their ANA 2019 selection is a good mix again.

As we’ve just done with CIT, we’re doing an initial round-up of what is coming, and we will revisit these coins in greater detail over the coming weeks. There’s a lot of news this week and only so much time, of course. The images here are the featured ones we did ourselves for the forthcoming articles, but they give you a good look at the new issues.

Up above you can see the first issue in their new Asian Mythology series. This part of the world has a fascinating set of myths and legends that the coin world is only really starting to tap after years of Eurocentric subjects. Zhong Kui is deity dating back 1300 years and the antique/red combination certainly brings him to life. Smartminted high relief and a rimless design make this look like one to watch. Three ounces of 999 silver and a 333 piece mintage.


The fourth is this very attractive series, Shiva, the Indian God of War, follows Poseidon, Ra, and Quetzalcoatl in this meandering journey through the worlds old religions. This 3oz silver series is a great place to start for those who want a wide selection, rather than collecting a series with a narrow focus. Again, just 333 pieces. We’ll have a Coin Series Profile for Gods of the World up soon.


Something that gets surprisingly little attention on modern coins, Fairy Tales & fables will look at some of the best loved children’s tales from such luminaries as the Brothers Grimm. What better place to start than Little Red Riding Hood? Another 3oz silver coin, you can see the familial resemblance with Numiscollect’s other series, even down to the 333 piece mintage. A beautiful scene and the red cloak works very well against the antique finish.


The first 2oz coin we’re looking at is another debut series. Called Our Earth Ecosystems, it will look at some of the stunning biospheres that we so take for granted. Starting out with the topical Polar Ecosystem, it’s a neat mix of smaller design elements that mesh together really well. The ‘selling point’ here is a coloured edge. An okay idea, but we’d suggest the coin message and design are the real stars. The mintage of this smartminted coin is capped at 499 pieces.


A new astronomy themed series, Space, the final frontier is another 3oz 0.999 silver series – clearly Numiscollect’s format of choice – and it has that 333 mintage. Called ‘The Universe’, it is said to depict the whole thing on a logarithmic scale. Certainly ambitious, it eschews the usual meteorite fragment for tons of fine detail and colour and has a black proof finish.


The fifth High Relief Animals coin, this is a subject that is always popular, and this has been a neat range. A more affordable 1oz specification takes nothing away from the expected smartminted levels of detail and relief, and the depiction is a great one. There’s a lot packed in here. Mintage is capped at 999 pieces.

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