It’s been a while since we had a look at new coin release videos from the many mints around the world, and our latest compendium has some beauties in it. MDM’s very impressive spherical kilo of silver forms a striking panoramic collage of the Rhinoceros. There’s very little out there like this, and that makes it worth a look on its own.

There’s a trio of new issues from Singaporean innovator, Precious Metal Collectors, the usual small selection from the New Zealand Mint’s relatively vast output, and a couple from the Mint of Poland. Indeed, the two videos from the latter of those three mints is a textbook example of how a video can show off a coin so much better than a photo. Both the Lilith and the Triton coins look superb here, but were a little meh in the photos, especially Lilith.

I’d particularly recommend a viewing of the IPZS (Italian Mint) video, even if the subject of the coin doesn’t interest you. There’s an old-school design process, almost artisanal, to this one, in direct contrast to the increased use of CAD elsewhere. It will give you an added appreciation of the talent involved. Enjoy.

YouTube highlights: new coin videos from several mints, and the ancient world

MDM Wholesale

Precious Metal Collectors

New Zealand Mint

Mint of Poland

IPZS (Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato)

Royal Canadian Mint