Amazing Animals, a coin series showcasing spectacular fauna, returns with that most extravagant of birds, the Peacock

After an excellent debut last year with a beautifully realised chameleon design, Numiartis’s ‘Amazing Animals’ series returns with a second issue, moving from the reptilian world, to the avian one. This is a series highlighting the vibrancy of the animal world, with a particular emphasis on colour, so it seems only fitting that they chose possibly the most spectacular of birds for the coin – the Peacock.

We all know what a peacock is, and it isn’t the first time this extraordinary bird has appeared on a quality coin, but even in a field with tough competition, this is a super looking coin. The reverse face features a relatively close look at the bird, capturing the entire body, but just a fraction of the expansive feather display the bird is noted for. It works very well, filling the coin, and allowing for enhanced detailing on the feathers. The small area of almost negative space at the bottom, with the foot and an ant on a forest floor texture, is a nice touch.

It’s a high-relief strike, of course, and antique finished, but it’s the colour that sets this one apart. Using a kind of ‘holographic’ enamel, there’s a shimmering, almost ‘oil-on-water’ look to the colour which suits the peacock as much as it suited the chameleon. It isn’t just pasted on everywhere either, going from intense on the bird’s body, to a subtle wash on much of the feathered canopy. It really looks to be a top job, and even the crystal eye does nothing to dimmish the aesthetics of it.

The custom obverse follows the principles set out for the 2021 coin. The chameleon was awash with a scaly texture, and this one also goes the textural route, but using feathers, It looks well layered, and the use of a single, loosely packed feather just to the right of the Elizabeth II effigy, breaks up what could have been an overly uniform look. No complaints here, and the unusual denominational amount of $7 is brought to the fore.

The two-ounce silver coin will come boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity, and has a mintage of 422 pieces, one more than the chameleon. We were big fans of the 2021 coin, and this 2022 issue has done nothing to diminish our opinion of ‘Amazing Animals’ as a series moving forward. A beautiful example of nature at its most splendid, done full justice using modern minting techniques. Extra kudos to Numiartis for the excellent coin images. We always appreciate the extra effort, and many others should take note. This is a visual hobby, and a low-res cartoon image doesn’t cut it these days. Available to order now.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 93.3 grams
FINISH Antique
MODIFICATIONS Black crystal, holographic enamel, high-relief
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes