AllCollects ‘Predators’ bullion series get 3 additions, a minigold set, and a new ‘Extinct’ debut with a Smilodon

A neat little silver bullion coin series featuring some of the world’s top predators, AllCollects range is coming into its final run with the debut of three new additions to the sixteen coin set. We’ve covered these multiple times before, and have a comprehensive Bullion Coin Profile to the series, so head on over there to get fuller details. In the meantime, you can see images of the new trio further down.

Also debuting recently is a minigold set, sold by a German shopping channel, which you can also see an example of further down. This set has also been added to our profile, which is handy as it has all sixteen designs to view (only 13 silver so far). Not issued for the Democratic Republic of Congo, it instead carries the emblem of Senegal.

The big news here, however, is the launch of the first ‘Extinct Predators’ one-ounce silver bullion coin. Taking the same basic design, they focus on the beasts that are no longer roaming the planet. Smilodon is a fine choice for the first coin, as it’s instantly recognisable, and ties in well with the current series. The same mix of finishes is present, but the mintage sits at just 5,000 pieces. Sadly, this one is also not easy to track down, and seems tied to another German TV shopping channel (Reppa). A series worth watching and we’ll look out for wider availability.

I spent much of yesterday and today adding the gold coins to the Bullion Coin Profile, so please feel free to check out the updated guide.


The 10th, 11th and 12th issues in this sixteen coin set are now doing the rounds. We have the Widow spiders, the Polar Bear, and the Hyena, each helping to give the series a bit of variety after an early over-focus on the Big Cats.


In an unusual twist,a German television shopping channel is selling a minigold (0.5 gram) set by subscription. The first issue comes with a neat collection folder to hold the sixteen issues.

The designs remain largely the same, although at 11 mm in diameter, there’s the inevitable loss of fine detail. The first coin is the Lion design and they’ve currently got it for under €70, but with the claim that the standard price is almost €130. At the former price, this looks to be a solid minigold set, but it’s a hard sell at that latter price, whatever the design.

DENOMINATION 20 Francs CFA (Congo)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
FINISH Brilliant uncirculated
BOX / C.O.A. No / No