AllCollect Week continues with more animal-themed coins issued for African states, but this one couldn’t be more different from yesterdays subject. The Big Five Lion was a 5oz ultra-high relief silver coin, while this is a set of ten, tiny 0.5g minigold coins collected together and sold as one. Both however, are fine examples of their type. Minigold coins, those that are 0.5 g in weight and struck in fine gold, have become increasingly popular over the last few years with many of the big mints now releasing in the format. The size has been popularised by both Coin Invest Trust who’ve released over a hundred of them, and Treasures of Oz, who have increasingly made it a staple part of all their major launches. AllCollect themselves have released scores of these over many years, so this is nothing new for them. Collectors seem to have taken these to heart as the size makes them eminently affordable, making gold coins attainable at near silver prices, even if the weight isn’t comparable.

These coins are sold only as a set entitled African Pride, and one that appears to have taken considerable effort to put together. Instead of issuing for a single country, each of the ten coins is issued for a seperate nation in Africa, so each has a unique obverse as well as reverse face. Every coin includes an AP logo struck into the face to indicate it is part of the larger African Pride set. The coordination of dealing with ten governments representatives must have been onerous in the extreme, but it has certainly been worth it.

Each of the reverse faces depicts one of the myraid beasts that inhabit this beautiful continent, from birds and reptiles, through to some of the biggest animals on earth. The end result is a terrific set, full of variety, and well presented. The box is very well done, made of wood, etched on the lid and including a map of Africa into which each of the ten encapsulated coins is housed. Not the cheapest at around €800, there’s clearly been a huge amount of effort and attention expended on this set, and collectors of minigold coins will likely look at this as a fine centrepiece to a collection. Available now.



Despite the rise of poaching in some areas, there has been much done in Africa to protect natural habitats, not just for the animals, but also because tourism is increasingly popular in many parts of the continent. With each coin in this set issued for a different country, the numerous numbers of national parks on the continent are given some exposure.

THE GAMBIA: Has 5 major parks, the largest being Kiang West at 115

IVORY COAST: There are 9 major parks here, the largest by far at 19,400 is Assagny National Park.

MALI: Has only 4 major parks, but even the smallest is over 500 Boucle du Baoule at 25,330 is the largest.

GABON: A numerous 13 parks are spread across the country, with Minkebe the largest at 7,570 in area.

CONGO: Five large national parks characterise Congo, ranging from 3,921, up to Odzala at 13,600

TANZANIA: Has 18 main parks including Serengeti and Kilimanjaro. Ruaha at 20,226 is the largest in the country.

RWANDA: Four parks with Volcanoes National Park the largest and most troubled in this embattled country.

DEMOCRATIC CONGO: Eight parks and reserves here, all of very large size up to 36,000 (Salonga).

CHAD: National Parks are all over 1,000 in Chad, the largest of the four being Aouk at 7,400

NIGER: Shares a single park with Benin and Burkina Faso. Called W National Park, it is 10,000 in area.



This amazing set consists of 10 pure gold coins issued by 10 different African countries. Each coin is dedicated to a national park located in the issuing country and shows a typical animal which lives in this national park. The coins are minted in a high detailed quality and all of them have a “AP” sign which mark them as special issue of the set. The modern wooden box and the booklet inside makes the presentation perfect.




VARIOUS 0.9999 GOLD 0.5 g 11.0 mm PROOF  2,500 YES / YES