AgAuSHOOT: 2022 Wild Five – Hippopotamus (Pobjoy Mint)

Better late than never, as the old saying goes, here’s our next photoshoot of a coin we’ve been loaned, this time by the fine folks at Pobjoy Mint again. Our last shoot was a Pobjoy coin, from their Queen’s Beasts series, and we’d decided to finally get some images of those superb tank coins up next, but with what’s going on in Ukraine at the moment, we’ve decided to leave that for a while. They will be coming, however, as we like them too much.

This coin is part of Pobjoy Mint’s ‘Wild Five’ series of two-ounce silver coins, itself a sequel of sorts to the earlier ‘Big Five’, and ‘Big Cats’ ranges. They’re quite unusual, with an art style that evokes, for me at least, those superb old African wood carvings. The end result is quite different to any other wildlife coin, but like a lot of Pobjoy Mint’s coins, the official renders don’t do them justice. Hopefully, the images below will give you a better idea of what the actual coin looks like. The Hippopotamus is the second of the five coins in the series, following the Giraffe, and being followed by the Antelope, and the Baboon. Yet to come is the Zebra.

Please feel free to leave your views in the comments. We’ve kept our own views out of it for a change (although how nice is that obverse!). It always helps guide the site in the right direction if we know what readers like. We’re planning to have another shoot up on Monday, featuring Germania Mint’s latest coin, Hildegard. We’ll follow that soon after, and also get around to getting all of these shoots on their own page. Enjoy.




DENOMINATION $20 (Sierra Leone)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 62.21 grams
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes