Not so much in the way of nuggets this week as we’ve been busy with back-end stuff agin, tidying up more guides to bring them up to date and be more readable. We’re going to continue doing this, as well as adding more bullion coin guides instead of the numismatic-orientated Coin Series Profiles over the next few weeks. News will carry on as usual.

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation claims to have graded 35 million coins. Press release below.

“NGC has long been the world’s largest third-party grading service, a position that reflects the preference that more collectors and dealers have for NGC-graded coins. This preference is largely the result of NGC’s commitment to accuracy, consistency and integrity, its industry-leading guarantee and its advanced holder—the same holder used by the Smithsonian Institution for its most valuable rarities.

Remarkably, this milestone was achieved barely two years after NGC announced that it had graded its 30 millionth coin. The increase of 5 million coins in such a short time reflects NGC’s continued international expansion as its continued leadership position in the US modern coin market.

NGC has opened a number of locations to meet the growing demand around the world for NGC certification. In addition to its Sarasota, Florida, headquarters, NGC has offices in Munich, Germany; Hong Kong; and Shanghai, China. It also has Official Submission Centers in China, Singapore, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

World coins continue to be the fastest growing segment of NGC’s business. NGC has now graded 1,500,000 Chinese coins, 400,000 South African coins and 400,000 Australian coins and nearly 325,000 Canadian coins. Its NGC Ancients services for the earliest coins and its tokens and medals department have also demonstrated standout growth.

“It is a great honor to have been trusted to certify more coins than any other grading service,” said NGC Chairman Mark Salzberg. “We are extremely grateful and humbled by the trust that collectors and dealers place in NGC’s services. We look forward to continuing to provide the best services with the highest integrity all around the world.””


The United States Mint has announced June 30th as the date for availability of the 2016 Platinum Eagle proof coin. Struck in 0.9995 pure platinum, this one has been particularly eagerly awaited as the first coin sold out very, very quickly indeed. The second of a two-coin series within a series, the 2015 entrant was part one and had a 4,000 mintage.

It appears many collectors are not especially pleased that coin two has a mintage of 10,000, or that the launch that came in late November last year, is now June this year. Whatever the reasoning, it’s a beautiful design and sure to be popular again. The mint has set a limit of one per household.

We’ll have a full post in a couple of weeks, nearer the launch date.


We had a guide to the ever popular silver bullion coin series by the Royal Canadian Mint, but to be frank it was grossly out of date and requiring a bit of minor surgery. Unfortunately, we felt that rather than mess about with something so dated, we’d rewrite the whole thing.

So there’s now a whole new, vastly improved guide to the Canadian Wildlife six-coin bullion series. Hope it’s ok and don’t forget to shout out any errors which you can do here.


While we were doing the Canadian Wildlife guide, we stuck with it and knocked one up for the follow-on series, Birds of Prey. Another decent effort by the Royal Canadian Mint.

This one is a four-coin set, very well done but sadly, just as prone to milk-spotting as its predecessors. Again, feel free to have a good look and let us know about any errors.

It’s a bit early to be doing aguide to the new Predators series as only the Cougar coin has debuted.


We’re taking some time to update and tidy up some more of our coin guides. On the Coin Series Profile side of things we’ve already mentioned the updates to the Treasures of Stanislaw August guide with the first of two debuts in this series coming in 2016, but other changes are;

  • Some minor tweaks to the World Buddha Heritage Coin Series Profile
  • The US Mints Gold Buffalo Bullion Profile has been completely relaid out for better reading, with updated mintages etc. I will revisit this one later.
  • Our Koala, Gold Eagle, and Silver Britannia guides have been taken down pending rewrites
  • The Norse Gods series profile by BH Mayer/MDM has been updated and is now complete with all images
  • The Perth Mints Gods/Goddesses series profile now includes images of the new Thor coin.