AgAuDEAL – Royal Mint discount code for 15% off the 2017 Beatrix Potter limited edition sets

Been a while since we posted a Royal Mint deal, but they’ve been mainly centred around the occasional free base-metal coin lately, instead of something our readers might really want. This new deal seems to be a decent one however, and concerns the hit Beatrix Potter series from 2017. These were huge sellers and a late addition to the offerings were limited run sets containing a copy of a character book specially made for the set, along with the coin itself.

There are four character sets on offer and you can read more about them in our article from last year. The discount is for 15%, but sadly that doesn’t apply to the gold version – one that could do with a 15% cut in price as a matter of course anyway.

The banner link below takes you to the Royal Mint page and if you buy simply enter the code below to get the discount applied. It expires at 23:59 UK time on the 13th May and AgAuNEWS will get a small prezzie from the mint.