Thank you for your interest in supporting AgAuNEWS. As I edit this we’re almost ten years old, and we’ve built up a fine reputation with both producers and collectors, widely trusted with exclusives and with a uniquely visual style that makes it a fine place to see modern coins at their best. We concentrate on modern precious metal, with the occasional foray into rounds and base metal where there is sufficient crossover interest, but we do avoid aftermarket modified bullion coins for various reasons.

We offer just a single advertising package, and we believe it’s a good one. Rather than just a single spot, our layout is very dynamic. There’s a combination of fixed spots and randomised cycling that we’ve outlined below, all for a single price. That’s right, you get the NEWS page, the WHERE TO BUY (or homepage mint bar), and the article randomised placement, all for the one price. It’s based around a nicely sized (300 x 150 pixel) ad, the design of which you would be free to change every month if you wish (optional, of course). We have a small .PSD template you can use for your design, or we’re more than happy to do one for you with the appropriate source material. Either way, it’s very simple. We even do a Duo package as we have at least three advertisers that run two separate ads, and the second ad is heavily discounted.

It’s always a difficult balance not to overdo advertising and alienate readers, and we think we have the balance about right. We don’t do Google Ads or similar, with every one on our site from the industry including some very big names, so you’ll be in fine company. We believe the system we use is resilient to some ad blockers, and that the randomised nature of most placements prevents ‘viewer fatigue’, where familiar placements are ‘tuned-out’ of the reader’s attention.

However, we do have to say that an ad is just that, and that alone. We are fiercely independent, and being an advertiser confirms no special rights regarding coverage of product or editorial influence in any way. We always make an extra effort, of course, but the opinions in articles are our own and not open for change except where there are errors, something we always appreciate help to spot. Our integrity is everything, and we hope you wouldn’t want it any other way. Feel free to read through and see if it is for you. There’s a contact form at the bottom if you would like any further information.



This page carries our main news articles which are arranged in the typical latest first. We’ve made the layout so that it alternates between four articles, then a block of eight adverts. This is repeated so that there are four blocks of articles and three blocks of ads.

At the start of every month, the top block of ads is moved down to the next zone, while the bottom zone is moved to the top. In this way, all ads get a time at the top. Ads within each block group are randomly located every time.


Here we list many of the major mints in an ‘accordian tab’ format. Readers can click on the cross and it will open to reveal all of our active advertisers that regularly stock that mints products.

All active sponsors with retail sites get placed in all of the relevant tabs. The position of individual ads in each tab is randomised, so nobody gets to go first or last all the time. The system is completely fair in that regard.

If you are a mint, we understand that this is of little use, so as compensation, we’ve created a space on our homepage specifically for you. This space is not open to retail sites.


This is the area we created so that mints not qualifying for the Where to Buy page have a similarly popular space.

At the moment, we show a maximum of nine ads at any page refresh, which have a randomised position within the vertical space. Each refresh completely randomised the selection and location, but as not many mints qualify for this, the number of shows of any particular ad is high.

It’s a nice spot and one that gives those that sponsor us an equal opportunity for extra exposure that retail sites get from the Where to Buy page.


Probably the most important space as it’s the most dynamic on site. We usually publish at least 30 news articles every month, often more, and we have a layout that takes six-eight ads from the total pool and displays them within at a generally fixed spot near the links and specification part of each post.

As you can see from the slider below, a refresh of the page alters the placement and selection (the 2 screencaps below were taken immediately after each other). Sometimes an ad will repeat, sometimes it doesn’t. The system is fully automated, and each ad has an identical weighting for randomisation, so it all works out roughly equal over time.

We either do 3 blocks of two or three in a defined space, or 2 blocks of three or four, one either side of a specification table. They change depending on what is required for the article. Ads are placed into block pools, so randomisation comes from smaller pools than having a single large one. As an example, an ad that randomly appears in the left-hand block will only ever appear in that block, they don’t jump from block to block.


  • Monthly billing
  • Layouts as above
  • Change your ad design every month


  • Get 12 months, pay for 10. Save £120
  • Layouts as above
  • Change your ad design when you want


  • Get two ads for £440 off!
  • Different second ad design
  • Change your ad design when you want