A quick update on what’s happening

With all that’s going on at the moment and worries about family, you can understand our posts have been a bit lower than normal, but we’re expecting things to pick up a bit next week. We’re all okay here and we hope you are all well and fighting fit. These are extraordinary times that make our little hobby seem hugely unimportant, but at the same time, distractions are as needed as ever.

On the site front, we’ve updated quite a few of our profiles, and there are a couple of new ones. We’re going to prioritise bullion guides over the next few weeks, like the recent Rectangular Dragons one. There’s been a small reduction ion new releases to date, but we’re expecting that to get worse as the stay at home orders around the world filter through. Totally understandable. Bullion availability continues to be constrained.

Thanks to some generous donations, one in particular (huge thank you again), we’ve ordered the bits for a new computer as the current one is gradually failing. We’ve got plenty of work to do over the weekend in preparation for their arrival, but hopefully, this will help us work much better and allow us to get into video more, later in the year. At the very least we can install software we’ve got that the current system simply can’t handle well (yes, it’s that old…). The monitor replacement can wait for now as supplies in the marketplace have dried up anyway, so that will give me more time to save. Please bear with us while I make the changes and get set up.

Please all look after yourselves. I know these are frustrating times, but the advice going around and the rules imposed are necessary to protect the more fragile members of society. As someone well read in history, I have no issue seeing the necessity of what is happening, as this isn’t humanities first war with the viral world, and it won’t be the last. BUT, we’ve never been better equipped to win it, so take comfort in that. Stay safe and we wish you all the best.