A very special day today, of course, with it being the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe – VE Day. I thought it would be cool to round up all the issued gold and silver commemorative coins, and we’ve done so. It can be found with our other Thematic Guides HERE.

Sadly, it isn’t the best selection we’ve seen. We do have a couple more to add pending better images, but outside of the big national mints, there isn’t much. The 50th anniversary of the moon landing was much more widely marked as an event in the coin world. It’s possible that the end of the whole war, VJ Day, will see an upswing in releases. This happens on August 15th (the day Japan surrendered) in most places, or September 2nd (the official signing of the surrender in Tokyo Bay) in the US. Still, it isn’t as bad as the inexplicably poor showing for the 2000th anniversary of the death of the Roman Emperor, Augustus. One of the most pivotal figures in world history, and a 20-century anniversary, but hardly a peep from the mints back in 2014.

Also updated is our monthly bullion sales graphs. The new format seems to be working okay, so we will stick with it. Some fantastic numbers from the Perth Mint, and we suspect the US Mint would have followed if supplies hadn’t been so constricted. Just click HERE. Also tweaked is the way the article title is placed in the featured image. Let me know if there are any issues with that.

Hope everyone is staying safe and not too bored (who am I kidding…). Everything is a bit quieter, of course, but we are working on some guides and some updates, made easier now my PC doesn’t collapse at the first sign of pressure… Thank you.