A Merry Christmas and a New Year that isn’t 2020 to all our friends

It’s been a tough year for almost everyone, so I’m sure I’m not alone in being pleased to see the back of 2020. Not everyone has been lucky enough to get this far, and it isn’t over yet, but keep strong and trust in the ingenuity of mankind to overcome the obstacles put in front of it. We’re all better together, so try to put aside differences.

It’s holiday time, so enjoy what you have, wherever you are. For the coin nuts, depsite what has been going on, it’s been a year of some quite fantastic releases from all around the world, and despite the cancellation of pretty much all of the major coin shows (no Berlin currywurst for Mik…), we’re expecting that to continue in 2021.

We’ve had a decent year, but it could have been better, and we’ll improve next year, for sure. A cheap 3d printer is with us, and as you can see below with our little custom coin stands and props for photography (yes, that’s the Parthenon with a Caribbean lobster coin in it – don’t ask!), we’re hoping to do more coin AgAuShoots and hopefully some videos. Burka the cat has a new toy as well…

Anyway, I’d like to thank you all for visiting my little site, and a big thanks to the advertisers that have kept me fed, and those that have donated directly (special thanks folks, I know its a tough year). This isn’t a big money-spinning site and your help has been both crucial, and very much appreciated. I wish you all the best for the holidays and a brilliant 2021. May all the stackers continue to see their stacks grow, and all the collectors find that special gem you always wanted. We’ll be back in a while, but I’m tired, burnt out a bit and actually going to take a genuine short break this year. We’ll be back working harder than ever after the holiday.

My best wishes to you all and to all your loved ones.