We don’t do these YouTube compilations often, but they’re a great look at new coins away from the renders we normally deal with. We are going to be doing some of our own, although we don’t get sent much at all – understandably given what we report on, I guess. I moved to a mirrorless camera from a DSLR, and the video capabilities are off-the-charts better.

As for the videos, the Rusalka bullion coin we reported on yesterday, came with a video, and it confirms our view that this is a fine issue. PMC’s selection is just a few of their recent ones, and an eclectic collection. Germania Mint have a video for their new World Money Fair 23 special release, as well as Ostara, also covered by AgAuNEWS yesterday. MDM have one of their well-realised dimensional coins, a kind of spiritual successor to the Egyptian pyramid coin from a couple of years ago, MTB-PAMP have their latest candy release, and the NZ Mint are showing us – you guessed it – pop-culture franchise coins. It’s about as varied a selection as you could imagine. Enjoy.

A little January 2023 look at the new YouTube videos from mints around the world

Mint of Gdańsk

Precious Metal Collectors


New Zealand Mint

Germania Mint

MDM Wholesale