A Friday afternoon special from the Royal Mint? Possible Britannia silver bullion coin mint error surfaces

An intriguing video from YouTuber Backyard Bullion has just popped onto the radar, and will make stackers perk up in interest. The latest issue of the one-ounce silver Britannia bullion coin has encountered a small production hiccup, and a currently undetermined number of coins, likely very small, have been struck with the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II rotated 90 degrees to clockwise. There doesn’t appear to be any other problem with the strike other than that, it’s otherwise perfect, but we know stackers like these oddities, and Backyard Bullion was kind enough to reach out and let us know, (thank you mate).

Our advice echoes his. Don’t expect to find thousands of these, if they were popular, we’d likely be seeing them turn up in multiple places. Also, be careful getting caught up in a buying frenzy when some of these inevitably hit the auction sites. Error coins have a knack of soaring in price, and then crashing back down, so bear that in mind as the prices escalate. A great novelty piece, of course – who doesn’t like something a bit different – and well worth keeping an eye on the story as it develops.