Site updates continue with new & revised profiles, and an appeal

We’ve been taking a few days off for Easter and will be back hard at work on Wednesday (birthday tomorrow!), but inbetween bouts of relaxation, we’ve managed to update a few Coin Series Profiles. The Polish series ‘Enduring Soldiers’ has had the latest coin added to it. A fine series celebrating some truly brave individuals.

Amongst a few others, we did a complete redo of the guide to CIT’s seminal Tiffany Art range. One of the first guides we did, it was in need of a refurb and as it’s a big one, we’ve used a new multi-page format to make it easier to load. Let us know what you think. With the series ending next year, we felt the time was right.

You may have noticed a new WHERE TO BUY option on the menu, along with a new button in the latest news articles. This page has a list of toggles, within which you will find all of our advertisers that sell that mints products and clicking on them will take you to their sites. We hope you’ll find this helpful.

As you know, I write all the content for the site myself and it’s a huge amount of work. It also costs time and money, so if any dealers or mints would like to join our advertisers, feel free to contact us. Our thanks to those that already do so. If any readers like what we do enough to donate, please feel free to use the donate button below, which is also permanently seated at the bottom of the site in the footer. We’re also on Patreon. Everything is appreciated, but if you don’t want to, that’s fine. AgAuNEWS will remain free for all.