After commenting about the decreased time between releases when the NZ Mint launched the last coin in this series, they’ve done it again with just three weeks seperating that third coin from this fourth one. An intriguing series, choosing to eschew the trend for ancient gods and instead showcasing the weird and wonderful supporting cast of monsters  that fleshed out and added wonder to the ancient tales. The frst coin featured the multi-headed guard-dog Cerberus, the second the half-man and half-horse Centaur, and the last the iconic Minotaur. This latest coin features the Gorgon, exemplified by Medusa herself, even though she was just one of three Gorgons in ancient mythology. I guess having your head cut off does lend that little extra bit of fame.

It’s the same basic design and specification as before. The faux suede bag presentation is still very cool we think; it opens up until it forms a flat disc upon which is printed the Certificate of Authenticity. A pocket in the centre holds the coin and the drawstring can be pulled tight to reform the bag. Almost like the bag you’d expect was used to carry the head of Medusa herself when it was cut off by the hero Perseus. Available to order later today from the NZ Mint webstore for $80.00, and from their usual wide range of dealers worldwide, there’s a least one more to come so keep your eye out for that.


The Gorgon were three mythical monsters, who lived in the west near the setting sun. Their names were Stheno (strength), Euryale (far roaming) and most famous of them all, Medusa (ruler). Legend tells that Medusa was once a beautiful maiden who was transformed by the Goddess Athena into a monster, as punishment for sleeping with Poseidon in her temple.

In an effort to have the young hero Perseus killed, King Polydectes commanded him to take Medusa’s head. With the help of Athena, the hero gained victory over the creature. It was said the hair of the Gorgon was made of venomous writhing snakes. Anyone who gazed into their eyes would be turned to stone. Due to this, images of the Gorgon were often placed on temples, shields and coins for protection.

The design shows an engraved illustration of the terrifying female Gorgon creatures with hair made of writhing venomous snakes. The Gorgon were three monsters in Greek mythology who lived in the west, near the setting sun. The word ‘Gorgon’ derives from the ancient Greek word gorgós, which means “dreadful. Their names were Stheno (‘strength’), Euryale (‘far roaming’), and the most famous of them all, Medusa (‘ruler’).

This stunning coin is packaged in a brown, faux-suede soft drawstring bag, styled after ancient Greek money pouches. The coin sits in an especially designed pocket within the money pouch and the Certificate of Authenticity is printed on the inside of the packaging.




$2 NEW ZEALAND 0.999 SILVER 31.1 g 40.00 mm PROOF 2,000 YES / YES