First pictures of the 2016 Somali Elephant bullion coin have appeared online in golden form. Much anticipated given the level of questioning about it, the design won’t disappoint, even if it is a little familiar. Struck by Bayerisches Hauptmünzamt in Munich for Emporium Hamburg, this one has been a perennial fvourite amongst collectors, with the earlier limited mintage coins garnering some healthy prices on the secondary market. Later coins have greatly increased mintages, but remain a popular choice.

Only the 1 oz gold coin has revealed itself at present, and we expect the silver to follow in the next couple of days, with the proof versions dripping out over the next couple of months. It’s a nice design, more dynamic than the previous two years which while attractive enough, were quite similar. This looks great, but is again very similar to a previous release, this time the 2009 entrant which can be seen in our guide to the series, one that needs a touch-up if I’m completely honest.

We’ve mocked-up a silver coin at the bottom and don’t expect the actual coin reverse to differ. Thanks to reader Moose Ferrand for the heads-up. We’ll have a more detailed look later next week.


We’ve mocked-up a silver coin as this hasn’t been revealed yet. The design is usually the same but don’t take this as definitive. The obverse of the 1 oz silver coin will read 100 SHILLINGS and not the 1000 shown here. Actual coin images will be published when they arrive.