Site Updates: New and revised Coin Series Profiles, fixed Bullion Profile

More site updates. Some new stuff and some fixes to existing articles;

A Coin Series Profile to the Royal Dutch Mints Twelve Provinces Silver Ducats is now live.

A Coin Series Profile to MDM’s excellent Roman Gladiators antique silver coin series is now live.

Our extensive Silver Bullion Profile to the Perth Mints Lunar Series I  is now fixed after being corrupted in a previous backend update. This one was a lot of work and is a pretty comprehensive look at these classic coins.

The Coin Series Profiles for the Mint of Poland’s SOS Venice series has been updated to include the new release. Another has been announced but we only have a mock-up at present.This one will go in when actual coin images are available. The guide also has a new map of Venice with the coin subjects location mapped out. Let us know what you think.

We’ve been promising new videos for a couple of weeks, but due to the machinations of Burka the Cat (below), they’ve been delayed. In the space of a day she managed to knock all of our camera battery chargers into the bin without our knowledge, where they were then thrown away, and then trip me (all 6’4″ / 270lb) head first down a full flight of steps. I now have new chargers, new software and the full use of a heavily bruised body back, so expect the first one in the next couple of days. We have the Perth Mint Silver Swan, the proof silver Krugerrand and more to come. Again, let us know what you think of the videos to date.

Coming tomorrow at 12.00pm EST (4pm UTC), is the second of Choice Mint’s superb Camelot coins, Guinevere. We’ll have some fine images and a video up of this eagerly anticipated new release, assuming the cat doesn’t attempt an assassination again…

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    Cute cat, good luck 😂

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