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Project Description

First issued in 2008, the Rwandan ‘African Ounce’ has become one of the more sought after bullion series. This is because they fulfill the two most important criteria for bullion collectors, a great design and a limited mintage. Early releases, especially the gorilla, are easily making 5-8 times spot price and the others are rising as well. Quality, as you would expect from Germany’s Bayer Mint, is excellent. The later coins are likely less inclined to large price increases as the mintages have become larger, going to a more on-demand status, instead of a fixed mintage.

The obverse of this coin features the National Seal of Rwanda. The present National Seal was adopted in 2001, the seal supposedly combines different elements that together should symbolize the unity of the country. Given this tiny countries recent history (only a third the size of Belgium), thats kind of ironic.

The reverse on this coin changes every year but has a standard motif with the outline of Africa textured to show the terrain and the bottom-left third of the coin displaying one of the famous African animals, to date all mammals.

In 2008 it depicted the legendary Gorilla, followed by the Elephant in 2009 and the Lion in 2010. 2011 saw the Zebra showcased, the Rhino in 2012 and the Cheetah in 2013. The latest addition is the Impala for 2014. All are beautifully done.

We read that there were some concerns the pouch the coins shipped in was made of a pvc that could have detrimental medium/long term effects on the coin. Nothing reported as yet.

Silver Content (Troy oz) 1
Monetary Denomination (RWF Franc) 50
Fineness (% purity) .999
Minimum Gross Weight (g) 31.135
Maximum Diameter (mm) 40.60
Maximum Thickness (mm) 3.00
Finish BU



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