Coin Invest Trust are one of those mints that like to experiment with the weirder end of the market. They’ve previously released coins featuring holograms, butterflies, scents and crystals. This time around we have a thermometer! Commemorating the anniversary of the death of Anders Celsius in 1744, a strange 270th one, the coin is a fitting tribute to the man that designed the temperature scale in general use by most of the world today. Dying at the age of just 42 years old, the Swedish astronomer, physicist and mathematician founded the Uppsala Astronomical Observatory in 1741, and in 1742 proposed the Celsius temperature scale which bears his name.

Struck in one-ounce of sterling (0.925) silver, the coin is very large for the weight, being 50mm (2″) in diameter. Inset into the reverse side is a thermometer scaled from 14 to 32 degrees Celsius, with each of the ten discs showing a different number in sequential order.

It’s been a long time coming, but CIT have finally started packaging the coins in decent boxes. Using the standard wooden box that they’ve been selling seperately for some time, a nice quality item, but the top has been customised with artwork from the coin and it holds the Certificate of Authenticity in the lid. A welcome addition and one we hope spreads to more of the range.



In 1742, Anders Celsius defined the temperature scale degree-centigrade which was later named after him. He fixed the boiling point of water at 0 degree and the freezing point at 100 degree. These fixpoints were switched later.

• The Swedish physician, mathematician and astronomer was interessted in mathematic since childhood.
• His father Nils was a professor of astronomy. And even his grandfathers were scholars. Magnus Celsius was a mathematician und Anders Spole was an astronomer.
• Celsius died at the age of only 42 in the middle of his work and only two years after fixing his temperature scale because of tuberculosis.

• Scale from 14 to 32 degrees Celsius



5 DOLLARS 0.925 Ag 31.1g 50.0mm PROOF 1,744