April, 2017

British Lions rugby team is off to New Zealand and the NZ Post marks it with a new silver coin

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British Lions rugby team is off to New Zealand and the NZ Post marks it with a new silver coin One of those sports that is hugely popular amongst Commonwealth countries, rugby continues to grow in viewership worldwide. The Rugby World Cup back in 2015 attracted numismatic interest, indeed the Monnaie de Paris effort, the first domed oval strike in numismatics, was one of the hits of [...]

March, 2017

The 2018 XXI Commonwealth Games is in Australia and a new coin pair launches from the starters blocks

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The 2018 XXI Commonwealth Games is in Australia and a new coin pair launches from the starters blocks With the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games out of the way, the numismatic world of sports is looking to smaller events to commemorate. The sport of Rugby has been a relatively popular one, with the Monnaie de Paris's issued oval domed Rugby World Cup coin having done [...]

November, 2016

Canadian domed coin trio showcases football and the Planet Earth

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Canadian domed coin trio showcases football and the Planet Earth After an unusual early mid-month release last week, the Royal Canadian Mint ploughs on through yet another bumper release schedule. It appears that the gimmicky type of coin is in the ascendant there, so we're seeing plenty of new ideas and technical innovation. The first five coins we looked at including adornments, inserts in [...]

July, 2016

2016 Rio Olympics: Estonia launches new silver coin from the starting block

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Another Olympic coin has debuted and from one of the least prolific issuers of precious metal commemorative coins, Estonia. Usually only issuing at most a couple of coins every year, this is their second of 2016. The bank, Eeesti Pank, usually issues a coin for the summer and winter olympics, having done so in 2012 for London, and 2014 for Sochi. Prior to signing up for the Euro, they had issued [...]

Mint of Poland week: Handball & EURO 2016 continue Niue sport series

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Not one of the most high profile series from the Mint of Poland, these coins are sports-themed. Unlike most sets from this mint, this one is quite loosely put together, carrying a similar basic design but differing in weight and release date. It also seems focused more on sporting events than on the sports themselves. First to launch back in 2014 was a troy ounce silver coin celebrating the FIFA World [...]

The Polish Olympic Team showcased on new pair of coins

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Another pair of Olympic coins will debut on 27 July, this time from the Polish national bank, Narodowy. Most Rio Olympic coins take a general view of the event, much like the Royal Australian Mints new coins, but this pair are very specific indeed. Poland has a long history with the modern olympics, and a pretty successful one, so coins commemorating Polish athletes are not unexpected. The gold coin depicts one [...]

Royal Australian Mint showcases Rio Olympics with gold & silver kilo coins

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There doesn't seem to be a flood of Summer Olympic coins this time around, but what has been released has seemed popular enough. Case in point is the new trilogy of coins from the Royal Australian Mint. Released less than two weeks ago, they've already sold out, helped no doubt by the Aussie love of sporting events, something they've often punched above their weight at. Two of the coins are a [...]

June, 2016

Basketball celebrated on the latest domed silver coin from Canada

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The rise of the domed coin continues with the second big release in little over a week. After the new Northern Sky coin from the Royal Australian Mint (RAM) launched last week, it's the turn of fellow Commonwealth country Canada to join in with the Royal Canadian Mints(RCM) first coloured domed coin. This one goes back to the world of sport, previously dipped into with cricket, baseball, rugby, netball, and football [...]

Roundup of Malaysian silver coins from the first half of 2016

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From a previous release schedule of around 3 coins per year, it looks like the Central Bank of Malaysia is ramping up the numbers, having already launched four coins so far this year, three of them in the last two months. We've only covered one Malaysian commemorative coin to date, a nice silver coin featuring the tropical rainforest of the countries most important national park, Taman Negara. That release was what [...]

NZ Post celebrates the coming Rio Olympics with gold and silver proof coins

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No doubt there will be many coins featuring this years Summer Olympics, a couple have already surfaced, but the New Zealand Post have jumped in with a pair of their own and look to have done a good job. Struck in fine silver or fine gold, both with some selective colouring (more so on the silver), they celebrate the achievements of the gold winning athletes from New Zealand from the many [...]