April, 2017

Scottsdale launch chunky silver bullion coin for Congo featuring the Water Buffalo

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Scottsdale launch chunky silver bullion coin for Congo featuring the Water Buffalo Scottsdale Mint have expanded their range of big silver bullion coins with the launch of a new one issued for the Democratic Republic of Congo. Much like their other Egyptian themed series, these are chunky coins with multi-ounce weights. Struck in 100g of fine 0.999 silver, just over three ounces, the design depicts the water [...]

First silver coin issued for five seperate countries and carrying all five national emblems debuts

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First silver coin issued for five seperate countries and carrying all five national emblems debuts The commemorative coin market relies heavily on smaller countries around the world allowing them to be issued in their name. It's a mutually beneficial agreement that brings in much needed income in many cases (Niue Island has a population of less than 2,000, for example) and on the flipside allows a greater [...]

October, 2016

Scottsdales 2016 Congo Silverback coin spawns a coloured proof variant

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Scottsdales 2016 Congo Silverback coin spawns a coloured proof variant Two years into its new bullion coin programme with the African state, the Republic of Congo, Scottsdale are releasing higher quality proof variants of the coin with a selective colour enhancement. The first coin in Scottsdale Mint’s annual Congo Silverback series arrived last July, followed up by the standard version of the design seen [...]

July, 2016

Scottsdale debut the 2016 Congo Silverback Gorilla silver bullion coin

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The second in the Scottsdale Mint's annual Congo Silverback series of bullion coins has debuted, appearing at big US dealer APMEX for pre-order. The first coin launched late last year and has been pretty successful, seemingly well liked by collectors. It had a very cool design, was well struck, and well presented, each coming encapsulated. Premiums were a little higher than the Maples, Philharmonics etc., but the semi-numismatic nature of these [...]

May, 2016

Superb Taj Mahal one-kilo coin gets an equally fine sibling, the temples at Angkor Wat

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I think we're not alone in believing that some of the very best that the modern numismatic world has to offer are in the field of architectural coins. Ever since Coin Invest Trust kicked off the genre with its award-winning Tiffany Art coin in 2004, there have been multiple new series from various mints entering the fray and fighting for collectors money. CIT expanded their range a acouple of years ago [...]

June, 2015

Numiscom release a video of the first in their new Murano glass coin series

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German coin producer Numiscom has released a very good video showcasing the first in their new series of Venetian Murano glass adorned coins that we first reported on in detail back in February. Having its debut at the World Money fair in Berlin, the coin called Pink Lady of 1470 is a clever mix of the minting and glass disciplines and represents the first of what will be a six-coin series released one [...]

February, 2015


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One of the more unusual items to grace a coin in recent years has been the Royal Canadian Mint's use of Murano glass to adorn a small range of sought after nature coins. Taking the form of a small hand-crafted glass animal on top of a coin designed to show the environment of the animal represented, they've proven extremely popular, with early coins selling for many multiples of the issue price. It now looks [...]

June, 2014


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The Democratic Republic of Congo is becoming more and more popular as an issuer of modern precious metal numismatics. We've previously covered several issues from the African country, our favourites being the beautiful Big Five Rhino set of selectively gilded coins. With the proliferation of silver animal coin sets and the popularity of butterflies, especially on Coin Invest Trusts 'Papillons Exotiques 3D' range with their butterlies literally stuck to the front of the coin, [...]

April, 2014


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Last year, German coin producer Numiscom released the first in a new series, called Natures Eyes. Featuring the amazing Amur Leopard it depicted a close up of the cats face in coloured high relief with the eye covered in a clear crystal drop shaped like an eyeball. A striking effect, the coin went on to sell out its mintage of 999 in pretty short order. Just appearing at dealers now is the second [...]

March, 2014


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We've already covered a pair of coins commemorating the 450th anniversary of the famed Pisa-born Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher, but for one of the worlds most recognisable and controversial scientists, we'd expect some more. Galileo championed heliocentrism, the theory that the planets revolve around the sun, and the matter was investigated by the Roman Inquisition in 1615. As you can imagine, it didn't go well for poor Galileo Galilei and he spent the [...]